Varolo Review

Varolo Review

Here is my honest review of Varolo.  How it works, how you can earn extra income and my experience so far as a member.

I joined in June of 2011 first off because it was completely free to join and participate.  I also saw an opportunity to build an extra income stream over time, and finally because of the chance to win the weekly jackpot which at the time of this writing is $500 each week.  So far my experience has been a good one.

How Does Varolo Work?

It's pretty straighforward.  Advertisers need people to watch their commercials and view other advertisements.  With the advent of the internet, mp3s and DVRs, traditional TV, radio and newspaper advertising just doesn't reach the audience it used to.  Advertisers have money to spend, and they need people like you and me to view their ads.

That's where you come in.  With Varolo you have the opportunity to view commercials and video ads and earn extra income, through the ads you watch, the ads people you invite watch and through the weekly cash jackpot.

How Do I Earn Extra Income from Varolo?

The first way you can be compensated is through the weekly cash jackpot, which is currently $500. For every ad you watch, you receive one or more entries into the weekly drawing.  If you win you'll be able to withdraw that money directly into your Paypal account.

The second way you earn is through the ads you watch.  You earn 21% of ad revenue generated by each ad you watch.  Currently advertisers are paying on average $0.03 for each ad view, and that amount for ads will increase over time as Varolo grows and more advertisers come onboard.

The third way you can earn income is by inviting others to join and growing your own village.  This is how, over time you can really start to build a growing income stream.  You will earn a percentage of the ad revenue generated by every ad watched by your entire village.

Initially, you can grow a village up to 4 degrees of separation.  Once you reach 300 villagers you have the opportunity to earn from your 5th level and when you've reached a village of 1000 you can earn from your 6th level.

When you join you'll be given a referral link which you can advertise and share with others.  When people sign up, they will be on your 1st level.  The people they invite will be on your 2nd level.  The people those people refer will be on your 3rd level, and so on and so on.

There are members of Varolo that have built villages of hundreds and thousands.  Some have even built villages of over 10,000 and even 20,000 members.  These members are earning a nice weekly income and some even a full time income.  

Read below to find out how I will help you grow your village and even advertise for you.

My Varolo Experience So Far

I joined about four months ago and so far have had a positive experience.  They rarely send me an email, and only for relevant updates.  I log in once a day and watch 20 ads (which takes about 15 to 20 minutes).  I then spend another 10 minutes or so placing a couple classified ads or mailing out to some safelists.

I've managed to build a village of 61 members so far on two levels.  Some of my villagers are active users, some are occasional users and some are currently inactive.  But overall I'm earning a little extra income every week (and growing) and getting a few new sign ups.  My goal is to have a village of 500 members by this time next year.

Varolo is not some get rich quick scheme.  It is an opportunity to earn some extra income and build an income stream over time.  The key is in building your village and helping your villagers to do the same.  Members who have had success say that once your village reaches 400 to 500 villagers, it takes on a life of it's own, and just keeps growing from other villagers efforts, building you an ever increasing monthly income stream.

Varolo has a couple other cool features.  There is a built in mail function which allows you to email your first level villagers so you can keep in touch and help them grow their villages.  Secondly, they recently added Velocity, which allows you to earn achievement cards from your activity on the site. These cards can be redeemed for new villagers and extra jackpot entries.

Finally, when you join you also have the option of becoming an affiliate.  As an affiliate you can earn residual income by referring advertisers.  When an advertiser you refer buys advertising, you will earn a percentage of the revenue spent for the life of the advertiser.  This could really ad up.

How I Will Help You Grow Your Village

One of the things that has helped me succeed at a number of my internet ventures is what I call my 
'Pay It Forward' philosophy.  By helping my downline succeed, they are more likely to stay active and do the same for their downline.  

To that end, I will do everything I can to help you succeed.  I will share all my tips and techniques that are working for me.  I also encourage all my villagers to do the same.  Just save all the info I share with you, do what I do, and share it all with your downline villagers.

I will even Advertise Your Referral Link, for FREE!  I have set up my own Ad Co-op, so to speak, using a URL Rotator.  When you join Varolo I will send you a welcome email with info on where to send me your referral link.  I put all my villagers links into my rotator and send most of my traffic to the rotator so that everyone will get new sign ups from my efforts.  This benefits both of us.  Your village grows and so does mine.

It only takes a couple minutes to get started.  You can be earning some extra income today, AND, have a chance at winning this week's $500 Jackpot.

Watch The 2 Minute User Tour and Join Here

I hope this Varolo Review has been helpful, and if you've decided to join me, I'll see you on the other side.


Mike Gerke